Welcome To Monsters In Closets.

This is a true story and it is our story the story of myself and my children and how our lives have been destroyed by greed, envy, discrimination, and hate. This is the story of my life, and how I am using the law to fight back against domestic violence, abuse, corruption and even Tyranny.  I have suffered a lifetime of abuse, and I have nearly been kidnapped and killed many times more times than most would imagine considering I rarely leave my home. I am a mother, and I was at one time a wife. A wife to a man who abused my love and my trust and had even used that love and trust as a method to kill me by way of poison for life insurance proceeds. When I survived, he began to spread some of the most horrible rumors you could ever imagine about me, and my family all of which stood to gain began to do the same. Ruining my chances of ever having a normal life, owning a successful business, and even bribing officials and using legal loopholes and illegal means to illegally kidnap my children from me in the courtroom.  While some persons have skeletons in their closets, I have monsters. Monsters who have killed with a smile on their face, monsters who have killed and will kill again if they are not stopped. I am the only one who can stop them yet they have made the entire situation so unbelievable no one would ever believe it, not even my own daughters.

There are certain sayings that really fit this situation, Justice will prevail, every action has a reaction, and never ever underestimate me. I might get knocked down once, maybe even twice but the last time I get up I will get up swinging and hand you your just deserts in the end.

My daughter Alyssa is 18 years old, and she has said that her mom is the bomb. I thank her for that and I think she is the bomb too. But it has come time to bomb with proverbial lawsuits and I am going to be handing them out like candy on Halloween. My children will return to me, and those who harmed me will be jailed for their crimes and those who doubted me and publicly insulted me thinking that I was too socially inept to catch on to the insults are going to have a tough time ever getting me to forgive them for their “blight’s” against me. No matter what the cause, no matter what the reason, it was uncalled four and I deserve to be treated with respect, and love, and I won’t settle for less.

Without further ado, I would like to Welcome you to the site, and please take your time and read through the things that have taken place, perhaps what happened to me can and will help and prevent this type of thing from ever happening again to another human being. The way I have been treated is inhumane, to say the least, and the way my girls have been treated is equally as inhumane and overall it equates to abuse.  My name was Anna Marie Boettcher before I had to legally change it to Sarah Jean Covington due to Millions and Millions of dollars in life insurance being taken out of my life. This is the story of my very messed up life.




AFFIDAVIT OF ABUSE, ATTEMPTED MURDER, MURDER, RAPE & CONSPIRACY ATTENTION: My apologies for the unorthodox paragraph, however, before I begin I would like all those whom read this affidavit that those involved and have committed the crimes and criminal acts depicted herein purposefully gone out of their way to premeditate those acts and activities to make …

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